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Wearing uniforms has been a method of the Scouting movement from the beginning. Decades of experience show uniforming to have many benefits, including these:

  • Equality. The uniform represents a democratic ideal of equality. Scouts from various cultures and different economic levels wear the same uniform and cooperate as equals.

  • Identification. The uniform identifies a boy or girl as a member of the Cub Scouts. Badges on the uniform tell other members that he belongs to their den, pack, and council. The uniform itself identifies a good citizen to the entire community.

  • Achievement. The uniform displays badges and other awards so the accomplishments of each Cub Scout can be immediately recognized.

  • Commitment. Wearing a uniform is a constant reminder to each Cub Scout of his commitment to the ideals and purposes of Cub Scouting.

Pack 229 recommends that you purchase the shirt and basic patches. The Pack will provide you with the Hat, Neckerchief and Woggle. Neat, clean jeans, shorts or a skirt worn with your official shirt is acceptable at pack 229. 

Uniform Guidelines
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